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In my photography, I work with as series of disjointed images that examine how one experiences and develops a sense of place. Time & Tide documents waterways and the ways that water interacts with land, with people and with itself. Urban Growth observes how metropolitan plants, from edible to undergrowth, flourish and flounder in the urban environment.

The photographs are taken with a Pentacon Six TL. This medium format camera is broken, causing it to overlap images and create a single, long negative with unexpected sections of multiple exposure. The film is printed as a series of individual frames and the camera’s unpredictable tendency to layer images is exploited by assembling selected squares into sets as diptychs, triptychs or longer panoramas that collapse space, time and content. This process shares attributes with collage and assemblage. When printed at a large scale, the disjunction created by the overlapping frames of the assembled panoramas allows viewers to re-envision familiar sights and spaces. The final images allow one to view micro and macro scales simultaneously, providing prospective and insight into the nature of the landscape.